Weddings @ O'Reilly's

Imagine exchanging vows on the edge of a cliff, with stunning views and mountain scenery, surrounded by nature or amongst the picturesque vines at O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards.

O'Reilly's is an ideal location for your special day. Our experienced event staff and wedding coordinator can assist in hosting your dream wedding.


Ceremony Venues

O'Reilly's has a vast range of picturesque wedding locations for your perfect ceremony. 

Reception Venues

After your dream ceremony, spend time celebrating with friends and family at one of our unique reception venues. 


Reception Packages

At O'Reilly's we cater to a wide audience and offer a variety of reception packages that can be personalised to suit your day.

Image Gallery

Launch Wedding Image Gallery to view a range of images of weddings at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat. 

Make an Enquiry

Contact us for more information on O'Reilly's as a venue for your wedding.



Weddings in the Heart of Nature

In order for O'Reilly's to minimize the impact on the environment while hosting a wedding, we manage our business processes with the implementation of several environmentally conscious practices and initiatives.

Please find our key programs below:

Eco Friendly Construction:

We offer sites such as Moonlight Crag and Hidden Gully that have purpose built eco-friendly decks.

Electricity Management:

We use energy efficient lights and candles to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, all while saving on electricity.  We aim to work with our clients to maximise efficiency and ensure all lights & air conditioning units are switched off when not in use

Cleaning Products:

All cleaning products are chemical free and we use biodegradable dish washing detergents and water efficient dish washers.


We only allow for biodegradable confetti to be thrown at wedding ceremonies.