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O'Reilly's is located on the western edge of World Heritage listed Lamington National Park.

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The Mountain Cafe & Giftshop

The Mountain Cafe and Gifts, formally known as Gran O'Reilly's Store, commenced trading in 1951. Today's modern facility is very different to that original structure, but what hasn't changed is our typical country style hospitality.

Day visitors can enjoy the Cafe with a tasty menu of homestyle meals and wide beverage selection, while those in a hurry may visit the takeaway or Mini Mart section for tasty snacks.

The Mountain Café:  fully licensed and popular with day visitors to O’Reilly’s, The cafe is open between 10:00am - 3:30pm weekdays and 9:00am - 4:00pm weekends + public Holidays(subject to trade, Kitchen closes at 2:30pm), however breakfast is available from 9am-11am when the Mini Mart opens. We cater for groups of any size visiting for the day. Contact us for more information.

The Mini Mart & Takeaway: is open daily from 9:00am – 5:00pm every day. It provides a selection of grocery items such as 'cook your own' options and packaged BBQ meat, plus take-away drinks and snacks, including our legendary O'Reilly's home-made pies and muffins. 

Giftshop: Our Queensland Tourism Award winning Gift Shop stocks a vast array of Australian made goods and souvenirs. The giftshop also sells birdseed for use in the designated bird feeding area. The Giftshop is open every day from 9:00am - 5:00pm .



Cable-Knit Scarf & Beanie

Our cable-knit scarves & beanies make great gifts for the family and will keep you warm as you walk through the high altitude rainforest of Lamington National Park.

Price Scarf - $19.99

Price $24.00 Price Beanie - $12.99

Or take advantage of our limited time only special

$25 for both

(+ postage if required)

Enamel Mug

What better way to enjoy a hot chocolate or a billy tea on a crisp morning than with one of O'Reilly's enamel mugs. Made of hardy materials these mugs are sure to last many camping adventures whilst reminding you of the wonderful rainforest experience of O'Reilly's

Price $7.99  (+ postage if required)

Branded coolers

Keep your beverages cool & your hands warm with one of O'Reilly's hardy foam coolers.

Availabile in a variety of colours these make a great gift for Dad. 

Price $7.99  (+ postage if required)



The Spirit of O'Reillys - by Peter O'Reilly

Peter O'Reilly's new book, 'The Spirit of O'Reillys', is a wonderfully nostalgic tale of when life was simpler

"It is a privilege for me to record our history, the story of the O’Reilly family on the mountain. It is our story. It belongs to all the O’Reilly's and to our many friends who have visited us and have an affinity with our Guesthouse and our beautiful mountains. They were part of our lives and now they belong in our memories. I invite you to walk with me and meet some of these characters as we meander through three generations. I trust you will enjoy the journey."  - Peter O'Reilly Snr

Price $29.70  (+ postage if required)

Green Mountains – By Bernard O’Reilly

Retold in his own words Bernard’s’ account of the discovery of the missing Stinson and the rescue of the brave survivors.

Price $20.99 (+ postage if required)

A Guide to Lamington National Park

A comprehensive guide to the park this volume includes chapters on history, geology, plants, animals and walks of the parks.

Price - $39.99   (+ postage if required)

Green Mountains & Cullenbenbong - By Bernard O’Reilly

This interesting book details the childhood days of Bernard O'Reilly in the secluded Kanimbla Valley of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The story also details the family's move to Queensland and their work in establishing the Guest House at Green Mountains. Then finishes with an account of the events surrounding Bernard O'Reilly's heroic search for and discovery of the survivors of the Stinson wreck.

Price $45.00  (+ postage if required)


Price $24.99 each Or three for $60.00  (+ postage if required)

Rainforest, the Spirit of O’Reilly’s

The latest release from documentary maker and O’Reilly’s nature guide Glen Trelfo. Journey through the rainforest and explore it’s secrets along with those of its diverse animal inhabitants and how important the rainforest is to life on earth.

Price $24.00 (+ postage if required)

Miracle on the Mountain

A documentary style retelling of the heroic search, discovery and recovery of the survivors of the missing Stinson Plane, lost in the rugged McPherson Ranges. The documentary details how the brave survivors of the downed plane are found by Bernard O’Reilly. This amazing tale shows how a local community rallied together fighting against time to retrieve the injured men from a remote section of rainforest.

Price $24.99 (+ postage if required)

Rainforest : The Amazing World within

An incredible visual journey through the rugged McPherson Ranges from the ancient Antarctic Beech Forest to the vibrant Sub-Tropical Rainforest. Naturalist photographer Glen Threlfo has spent years seeking these rare creatures learning their habits and finally capturing them on film. You'll be spellbound as you observe rare footage of the beautiful Rose Crowned Pigeon, the elusive Cat Bird, rainforest Possums and Pademelons (small Kangaroos), beautifully filmed and explained.

Price $24.99  ( + postage if required )

Life on the edge of the eucalypt forest

This documentary features the retreating eucalypts and the distinctive wildlife that live there. Some exquisitely beautiful, some rare and endangered, on the sunny side of the divide in the Eucalypt Forest.

Price $24.99 (+ postage if required)

Albert’s Lyre Bird – (Glen Trelfo)

Some of the first footage ever recorded of this shy icon of the lamington National park Rainforest. Glen again shows us more rainforest magic as he follows the life and development, from nesting to adult displaying male. Wonder at the complex display and amazing mimicry of the stunning birds.

Price - $24.99  (+ postage if required)

Bower bird ‘Playboy of the Australian Rainforest’ (Glen Trelfo)

Find out just why these birds have earned this intriguing name and follow the ups and downs of the beautiful satin bower bird and some of the other inhabitants of the local rainforest neighbourhood.

Price $24.99  (+ postage if required)

 For further information contact O'Reilly's Giftshop on 07 5544 0522 or e-mail